Tainai City in Niigata is a beautiful area based around the Tainai River where the sea, mountains, and pastoral landscape come together.

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EventsThere are fun events year-round!

  • Tulip Festival

    Tulip Festival

    Tainai City is the ideal climate for growing tulips. Every year, the Tulip Festival draws 50,000 visitors, who come to see the 800,000 tulips - approximately 60 varieties.

    Event Dates
    Late April to early May
  • Tainai Star Festival

    Tainai Star Festival

    Fans of the night sky gather in Tainai for this starry-sky event which is one of the largest in the world. From people who are new to stargazing to professionals, from children to adults, everyone can enjoy the excitement of the night sky in this fun and moving event.

    Event Dates
    Late August (planned)
  • Tainai Ski Carnival

    Tainai Ski Carnival

    Tainai’s winter ski season is punctuated by this colorful night festival. See fireworks over the snow and slide down torch-lit hills. The winter fireworks reflecting on the ski runs are a sight to behold.

    Event Dates
    Late February to early March (planned)

Events throughout the year

  • Tulip Festival (late April to early May)
  • Kushigata Mountain Opening Day (April 29)
  • Tainai River Shinryoku Festival (Late May or early June)
  • Iide Mountain Range Trail opens (early July)
  • Beach opens at Muramatsuhama Beach (mid-July)
  • Tainai Hot Spring Festival (August 15)
  • Tainai Star Festival (Late August [planned])
  • Nakajo Festival (September 4 - 6)
  • Mid-autumn Full Moon - Hangaku no Utage (Mid-September)
  • Rice Flour Festival in Tainai (late September)
  • Tainai Ski Area Opens (Late December [planned])
  • Oppo-ji Temple Omandara Ceremony (February 6)
  • Tainai Ski Carnival (Late Feb or Early March)
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